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It’s a colorful world, filled with modern style images that appeal to young and old. His roots grew from street art and he has blossomed into a professional designer. You can bring his world into yours.


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So either you are swinging through to check out his latest work or to hire him, thank you for coming by!


My last job was for Jobs and Careers Newspaper Co. and Job Fairs located in Redwood City. I worked for them since 1999 as a Production Designer. I created all their ad work and was in charge with making print friendly PDF's, checking outside PDF's, fixing them if they were damanged, checking fonts and rgb/cmyk. 4 to 5 ads whet through my desk/computer every hour. I was proud that I can produce so many so quickly. The company policy before I got there was 1 ad per hour. I was also asked to produce a website for the company. I developed and maintained their website from scratch including building other websites for them like, GreenJobFairs and their related promotional materials like, corporate identity. ad promotions, collaterial materials, media kits, business cars, letterheads, flash banners, logos, organizing files for backup and worked closely with the sales staff for a smooth business transaction.


I made design changes to the website every couple of years. Later I was promoted to Art Director / Production Manager and even managed several other designers when the company was doing well financially. I was respsonsible for laying out a 46 page newspaper with articles and was in charge of the general layout of the paper including making sure the printer recieved all our PDF files and were ready for print on a weekly basis. I took care of a large sales staff everyday needs.


One night, we had a major black out in one section of Redwood City and it was deadline Friday. I took the work/computer back to my house in oakland, reconnected to the internet and made sure the files were done and transfered so that the paper hit the newsstands the following monday. Some nights I slept under the table to make sure deadline was met the following day. These were some of the unforseen emergencies I met and faced head on to take care of the company i worked for. After many instances like these, it made me indispensible at my job. It was a small company until San Jose Mercury News bought them out in 2005/06. I was kept on to make the transition smoother.  After several office moves to 2 locations in San Mateo and 1 in Walnut Creek, and after 6 years (12 years total) I was finnally let go in April of 2010.



Last year, I've been painting alot. It's been one of my best years. This year, im going through another "building" year. Gotta always stay humble with your art because there's always someone more artistic and hungrier than you are and always to constantly being a student in the game sharpens your tools. Building as far as doing more gallery shows and producing more art.  Also I've been hired to do several more freelance graphic work and web design. So it's a constant balance we all try to achieve in life. Music and making beats has been making me feel better and there are folks called the TWSFamily (Affliates who are part family, part crew, who are supportive of our art and they might not get the credit on the walls but they are integral part of what we do behind the scenes) and they make sure that the Korean BBQ right next to the mural is always keep warm. :)